Tips on choosing the perfect hot tub

Choosing a hot tub should be as relaxing as bathing in one with a glass of bubbly. We’ve developed a simple guide to ensure you get the hot tub you deserve for your home.

choosing a spa

Choose the right size

The size of your hot tub will influence the initial purchase price and ongoing costs of running your hot tub. Considerations such as how much room you have in your garden/conservatory will determine the maximum size, whilst thinking about who you will use the hot tub will help you on determining the exact specification.

It’s worth putting some detailed thought into how you’ll use the hot tub – will you mostly be by yourself/with a partner, the whole family or with friends?

Generally, it’s better to buy a hot tub based on how you will use it, rather than how you may potentially use the hot tub – as a rule of thumb, a 5 person hot tub should be enough for use by a family and occasional use by friends.

Get the right height hot tub

Whilst a shorter hot tub may save money on the initial purchase, you should always try sitting in  hot tub to ensure you it’s comfortable for your size. If you’re over 6 foot, you’ll find a shallow spa less comfortable due to the position your knees would be kept in.

Whilst we offer the facility for someone to buy online, we always recommend that you visit our facility to try out hot tubs for style and size.

Jet power

Will you socialise in your hot tub? relax? re-energise? soothe aching muscles?

For socialising and relaxing, around 20 jets should be more than enough – and also it will be quiet. However if you want something to soothe aching muscles, you’ll need jets to reach the tips of your toes from the top of your neck – which means around 30 jets should be the minimum you go for.

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Don’t import something that isn’t suitable for the UK

If you’re looking online to buy – you might be persuaded to buy something that won’t stand up to the rigours of the UK weather.  You should ensure where you buy from has a good reputation in the UK.

All of our hot tubs are fully durable with fibreglass bases and durable metal or wooden cladding – to ensure your hot tub lasts for years and years.

Keep warm with a cover

As simple as it sounds – one of the best ways to save money on a hot tub is to ensure you have an efficient cover which keeps the heat in the hot tub and ensures minimum loss of heat.

Thermal blankets can be added to increase heat retention and protect your cover from moisture.

We have a range of excellent covers to suit any hot tub.

Prepare the perfect home for your hot tub

If you’re thinking of keeping a hot tub inside – such as in a conservatory, you’ll need to ensure your building is protected from the side-effects of a hot tub – namely water and condensation.

Simple steps include ensuring any plaster walls are covered in kitchen or bathroom paint to endure condensation, whilst having ample floor drainage. To make the most or your hot tub environment, we’ recommend moisture resistant blinds and a fan vent are installed/

We can advise on the perfect site for your hot tub and how to preserve your hot tub surroundings.

Keep your water in perfect balance

You’ll need to change your water once every 2-3 months, depending on how often you use the tub and what the manufacturer recommends.

Refilling your hot tub will involve some work to ensure you maintain the right chemical balance.

Every customer who buys a hot tub from us – can always call for free guidance on how to make maintenance and cleaning of their hot tub as easy as possible./

Save Water

Ensuring your hot tub is energy efficient and saves on overspill is easily achieved by ensuring your jets are not sending water out of the hot tub to the floor below.

Shelter your hot tub if outdoors

There is nothing quite like slipping into a hot tub in a garden on a warm summers evening, but to minimise your waste and cost – you should ensure your hot tub is as sheltered as possible. Wind-exposure can lead to additional energy costs required to keep your hot tub warm.

Consider using privacy panels, landscaping or fencing to shelter you hot tub.

We can advise on the right shelter for your hot tub to minimise your energy bills and keep your garden looking beautiful.

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