Temporary Above Ground Pools

  1. Once you’ve got your pool installed connect the pump/filter (if one doesn’t come with your pool, it is well worth the investment).  This will keep the water clean and will filter out the grass, leaves and debris that will find its way into the pool. Without the pump and filter* the water will get cloudy or go a bit green quite quickly – so you’ll probably end up emptying and refilling it a couple of times in the summer. *Note: check that your pool facilitates this before purchasing.
  2. Buy either a floating ‘mushroom’ type chemical dispenser or a ‘starter pack’ of chemicals and use them.  If you don’t, the water will start getting cloudy or even green which is not good! You will also end up having to empty and re-fill the pool – and that will take time when you really want to just jump in!
  3. Get a cover, if you pop this on your pool when it is not being used it will retain any heat that has built up in the pool and it will stop any additional debris accumulating. Again, this will keep the pool healthy and will save you having to empty and re-fill the pool when you want it in the summer.
  4. A leaf net will help you fish out any bits of debris that are floating on the top of the pool or sitting on the bottom. Again, helping to keep your pool healthy.

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