Add a stunning steam room or steam shower to your home

Enjoy the benefits of a steam room sooner thank you think with our rapid installation. Learn below how to ensure you get the steam room you deserve.

Turn your bathroom shower into a steam shower

If you have a good sized shower, it’s simple to convert into a steam room, just add a fold-away seat to the wall and enclose the area above the shower to make the area steam-ready.

Don’t worry if some steam escapes and your door isn’t a perfect seal – a bathroom extractor fan will take care of any steam that leaks from the cubicle.
The final step is to add a compact steam generator that fits neatly in your cupboard or loft space.

In less than a day you can be relaxing in your own steam shower.

A purpose built steam shower

If you have the space, it’s definitely worth building a shower room that doubles as a turkish bath.

We can build something unique just for you.

  • First, we create stud walls and 2 benches to sit on.
  • Then we line the area with tile-backer and tile.
  • We then fit a steam door to give you a wonderful looking addition to your home which doubles as both a shower and a turkish bath.
  • To maximise your enjoyment, why not add music or coloured lights for additional relaxation.

Create your own steam room

If you have a pool or a gym at home, it’s simple to build your own steam room. You can either build your own similar to your own steam shower, or you can purchase a full acrylic rom from us – which is extremely energy-efficient and hygienic.  Our modular rooms can be assembled in around a day.

Custom design and build services

If you want something truly special – we can design and build a steam room just for you. Our team of designers will show how a steam room can transform your home and advise on subtle lighting additions which maximise your relaxation and enjoyment from your room.

Well help you all the way with:

  • Design
  • Advice on the technical aspects
  • Architectural planning
  • CAD
  • Custom part manufacture
  • Full project management
  • and our specialist installation team