Commercial Pool & Spa Services

If you manage a health club, spa or leisure centre – we offer regular maintenance and repair solutions to ensure your facility is working at it’s optimal rate consistently.

We can provide everything from equipment installation, chemical and spare supply or routine repairs and maintenance to ensure your faculty is always working.

We respond rapidly to any queries – no matter whether you are an existing customer, or someone new looking for help.

woking environmentally efficient pool

Woking Pool in the Park
(Environmentally Friendly CHP Fuel Cell Installation)

commercial pool installation

Use the team that educate the industry

A dedication to professionalism. The BTU Group has been operating for over 40 years. In that time we’ve dedicated an entire part of our business to training other gas, pool and electrical engineers. You can be sure are fully up to speed on the latest installations and servicing methods and will always provide a fully professional service.

environmentally friendly pool installation

Specialists in environmental efficient solutions

We are well known for our environmental initiatives – and draw experience for all other parts of our business.

We completed the first hydrogen fuel cell plan in the UK at Woking leisure centre. Primarily designed to provide heat to the pool, the system used excess heat to power the centres air conditional unit via heat fired absorption cooling. Surplus electricity generated from the centre is exported to the Council’s sheltered housing schemes.

This installation saved the centre significant sums on energy costs and significantly reduced carbon emissions.

We are at the cutting edge for design and installation of energy efficiency solutions – call us today to find out how we can help you facility.