Pool Refurbishment


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Swimming Pool Refurbishment

Without proper care and maintenance a pool can become dated – we specialise in renovating pools and can make them look brand new and operate better than the day they were first installed.

Swimming pool refurbishment requires specialist knowledge on design, build, and filtration systems and with over 40 years of service you can be confident that we are up to the job. We’ve seen the downside of trying a ‘quick renovation’ and it can often lead to more problems than it solves.

We are SPATEX recommended (the leading pool and spa body in the UK) and are approved by Checkatrade.

If you’ve just bought a house where you’ve inherited a swimming pool, it’s a perfect opportunity to stamp your own identify on the pool.  Our team can ensure you no matter what you have inherited, you can create something that looks and works exactly as if you had a custom pool built from scratch.

Saving Costs

In recent years the efficiency of pools has increased through advances in technology. As well as ensuring the design of your pool is modern and striking – we can ensure that an overhaul of plan equipment, filtration, heating and covers will significantly reduce running costs.

  • Replace old and damaged coping stones
  • Pressure clean copings/decking/pool walls
  • Rectify structural defects
  • Repair/replace old pipe work
  • Replace old/damaged skimmers and outlets
  • Replace liners

  • New tiles and mosaics
  • Upgrade to new pool cover – all types
  • Upgrade/repair of heating, filtration, chemical dosing systems
  • Leak detection
  • Lighting
  • Heat pump and renewable energy solutions


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