Designing the perfect pool for you

We know just how important a decision to design a pool can be for you – which is why we’ve dedicated a process to ensuring you get the pool you’ve always dreamed of.

Find out the steps we take to ensure your dream pool turns into reality.

We understand how you want to use your pool

This is the most important question we understand – it impacts on the shape, design and construction of a pool.
Will the pool for the entire family, or to entertain the children?
Will you be spending hours swimming lengths, or just going for the occasional dip?

We use these answers as a basis for ensuring all the way throughout the pool design process, your pool always fits your needs.

Indoor or Outdoor?

A lot of our customers love their outdoor pools, but if you want something you can use more in the cooler months, we can provide a wide range of indoor solutions – from classic pool houses, to modern pool enclosures which enable you to open up the roof and doors to maximise fresh air on a hot day.  These solutions give you the warmth of an indoor pool, but also the delight you receive from swimming in a pool with a fresh breeze.

Features to make your pool stand out

When deciding the overall look and feel of your pool – its a good time for you to decide on the types of water features you’d like to include – from waterfalls and fountains, to slides for children to play in.   A water feature can have a dramatic transformation on the look and feel of a pool.

We specialise in sourcing water features from around the world – so no matter what you have in mind, we’ll ensure your pool stands out like you have always wanted it to.

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Maximising your garden

We can advise you on the plants and trees that compliment a pool – we’d recommend you avoid messy trees such a sycamores or trees with shallow root systems – instead use bushy plants that don’t grow too tall, but can be moved easily.  Some simple changes to garden can make your pool a wonderful artistic addition to your home.

We teach you how to manage your pool to minimise repairs and maintenance

Owning a pool doesn’t have to mean endless hours cleaning and maintaining – but there are some steps you can take that will both ensure less maintenance long term, and significantly lower running-costs.
Once we’ve installed your pool – we’ll teach you:

– How to check the chemicals
– How to clean the pool and the cover quickly
– The most efficient water treatments to use
– How to always keep your water crystal clear
– How to keep your pool free of debris…the easy way
– How to minimise costs of heating the pool throughout the year

Enjoy your pool long term

When we plan your pool, we always think of your long term plans. Ensuring you are as happy with your pool 15 years after you purchase, is as important as your enjoyment you get the first time your dip your toe in your pool.

With our focus on design and construction quality, you’ll know you are investing in a pool that will last for generations.

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