How we construct your dream pool

Swimming Pool Construction

Whether you want a pool to see your children swim and play in, something to show off to your neighbours – or a place where you can put in some serious laps, we can help turn your dream into reality.

For over 40 years, we’ve helped customers from around the country design, build and maintain their pools to the highest standard – and we can do the same for you at a price you’ll love.

Our team will guide you through the entire design and build process from start to finish, and whether you want something for your home, or your business – we can help you get where you want to.

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Benefits of our pool building service

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A team dedicated to doing the right job

Our commercial clients demand attention to detail, on-time completion and a professional workforce, and we don’t disappoint.  If you are having a pool installed at home, you’ll receive exactly the same professional treatment our largest commercial clients receive.

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We know that having a pool built is a decision that isn’t made easily – which is why we ensure you understand the implications of every construction and design decision made for the moment we meet you – ensuring you get the pool you dream of installed.

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Quality construction

As with any construction project, there are ways to decrease construction costs or ensure we make more profit.  For more than 40 years we’ve avoided shortcuts or lower quality equipment.  We’ve been asked to pick up the pieces of projects using lower quality materials – and the shortcuts just make more problems for maintenance and refurbishment in the long run.

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Bespoke construction

Over the years we’ve helped a wide range of clients get the exact pool they wanted from their designs.  Our experience and knowledge of the latest construction methods means we can ensure bespoke construction projects are completed on-time and on-budget – with the latest environmentally friendly materials.

swimming pool construction surrey

Ensuring you stand out

A pool is a distinct showcase of you and your family.  We know how important it is that your pool reflects your preferences and tastes – and we ensure your own personal stamp is made on the pool we build for you.  We know the simplest ways to add elegant design elements, without adding signifcantly to the budget.

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We  find the impossible

In over 40 years we’ve built strong relationships with suppliers and ensured that every single request we’ve had from a customer can be met.  Whether you think that the pool you are after is ‘impossible’ or have a detail in your mind that you want for the final piece – if we can’t help you, nobody can!

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Helping you throughout the entire process

Having a pool constructed is a unique process that not everybody has the pleasure of going through.  This also means you probably won’t know what to expect day-to-day from the process. From the very beginning, our team will ensure you know exactly what we will be doing every day – and ensure you have a project manger dedicated to you – so your project goes as smoothly as possible.

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We’ve build up a reputation for dedicated aftercare service post construction. From the initial commissioning of the pool – we’ll always be there to help you with guidance, ideas and recommendations on how to ensure you get the most from your pool and how to make sure keeping your pool in optimal condition – is as easy as possible.

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