Permanent Swimming Pools

During the summer season

  1. Check your pool weekly – make sure the skimmers are emptied and that there is no debris in the bottom of the pool or floating on the top.
  2. Check and adjust the chemical levels on a weekly basis. By ensuring the balance is right, you will avoid costly and time-consuming additional visits from your pool company, using lots of remedial chemicals AND your pool will always be ready to swim in.
  3. Make sure that the filter and pump are running at efficient levels. Remember you don’t need to run them all the time – we recommend a minimum of 8 hours a day, this can be done in one block, 4 blocks of 2 hours or 2 blocks of 4 hours – whatever suits!
  4. Use your cover when the pool is not in use – and consider buying a solar cover if you don’t have one.  This will keep the debris out and the heat in when you are not using the pool. In the long run, this will save on running costs as the balance of the pool will be kept stable, heat in and debris out.
  5. Have a robust servicing regime in place. Many pool companies recommend weekly visits for customers who don’t have time to do the regular cleaning and maintenance themselves, but want to be able to use their pool as soon as the sun comes out. It will work out more cost-effective and convenient in the end.

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