Ondilo – Your SMART Pool Partner!

If you are looking for the latest gadget to help you monitor and manage your pool health – you need look no further!

Ondilo is the award-winning, SMART Solution that you simply place in your pool. It takes the pain out of testing, by analysing your pool water quality 24/7 with precision, formulating recommendations and delivering them on demand via your smartphone!

You simply place the compact, floating Ondilo device in a skimmer or let it float around the pool freely – whatever suits.  The water quality is checked via the Ondilo App. You simply add the recommended levels of chlorine and water treatment when prompted – it works 24/7!

And if you don’t have time to top up your pool yourself?  BTU’s pool experts can monitor it for you and top up as required.  Ondilo can tell us what your pool needs – so all you have to do is relax and enjoy!

Ondilo – your SMART Pool Partner!

Watch the Ondilo video to Learn more.

For further information or to enquire about Ondilo and BTU’s Pool Management Service call: 01483 727444.



by Levi Thatcher