End of season care for your swimming pool

Summer is all but over and pools will be used less and less in the coming weeks. So whether you have an in-ground or hard sided above ground outdoor pool, now is a good time to start thinking about closing it down for the winter season.

Woking based BTU Pools (you’ll find us at Wyevale Garden Centre), one of Surrey’s leading swimming pool companies,  passes on some great advice for anyone with outdoor in-ground pool or hard sided above-ground pools. You can either ‘winterise’ your pool  yourself if you feel confident enough or else book now and get an experienced pool company to undertake the process for you.


The first thing you need to do is to get the pH and chlorine levels right before you do anything else to close down your pool.  So, make sure your water pH is within the range of 7.2 to 7.6. Then you need to get the chlorine levels to 6 to 10pmm. Use an unstablised Shock dose.  At BTU we normally recommend, brands like Swimfresh, Spafresh and Bayrol.

To get the product evenly distributed evenly around the pool – leave your pump running for 6-12 hours after you’ve added the treatment.

Next, you can add your Winterising Algicide.  This is a long lasting chemical designed to keep your pool free from algae over the winter months. Again, keep your pump running for 6-12 hours after adding it, to ensure the algicide is delivered to the whole pool.

Before doing anything else, check for leaks – it’s always worth doing this before you close your pool down – if you have an experienced maintenance company caring for your pool – they should automatically do this. Once you are confident there are no leaks, switch the skimmer valve off and drain the water down to 4-6inches below the bottom level of the skimmer (for in-ground pools). This ensures that you are allowing for any rainfall that will bring the level up, causing the pool to overflow over the winter.

Icing over in freezing months – you need to make sure that the pool walls are protected during the icy time of winter. Float some empty plastic containers in the pool to protect against ice expansion – place a few in the pool and tether them so they don’t all float into the same corner of the pool.


Take your summer cover off and give it a good wash down – take care not to do it too vigorously if it is old or delicate (you might want to consider getting a new one!) as it may split or deteriorate further. Dry it out and then fold and store or place it back on the roller with the winter storage cover.

Keeping leaves and debris out of your pool over the winter is critical, so you will need to put your winter debris cover on. Make sure it is tensioned well so that it doesn’t touch the water. Check and re-tension it a few days or a week after you put it on.

Safety is key – most normal winter covers are not safety covers, so make sure children and animals keep away from the pool area over the winter months if you do not have a safety cover.  Alternatively consider getting a safety cover for peace of mind.

Top tip for keeping your winter cover on a hard sided above ground pool. Weigh it down with water filled bottles.

Here’s a tip if you’ve got a hard sided above ground pool.  Weigh down the cover to avoid it being blown off,  by  filling water bottles with water and tying them to the cover.

Heaters, pumps and filters

Finally, once you have circulated the chemicals, drained down the water level changed over to your winter cover – it’s time to protect your pump, filter and heater so that they don’t freeze over winter. Simply remove the drain plug from each and let any retained water out.

Then, you can rest, assured that your pool is prepared for the winter months.

If you want any guidance or support or to purchase the chemicals for closing down your pool please, please call BTU Pools on 01483 727444, or drop by our Pool Shop at Wyevale Garden Centre, Woking – we’d be delighted to help. Please call also if you would like any advice or support in repairing, refurbishing or maintaining your pool.  We are currently taking bookings for our close down service.

Ondilo – Your SMART Pool Partner!

If you are looking for the latest gadget to help you monitor and manage your pool health – you need look no further!

Ondilo is the award-winning, SMART Solution that you simply place in your pool. It takes the pain out of testing, by analysing your pool water quality 24/7 with precision, formulating recommendations and delivering them on demand via your smartphone!

You simply place the compact, floating Ondilo device in a skimmer or let it float around the pool freely – whatever suits.  The water quality is checked via the Ondilo App. You simply add the recommended levels of chlorine and water treatment when prompted – it works 24/7!

And if you don’t have time to top up your pool yourself?  BTU’s pool experts can monitor it for you and top up as required.  Ondilo can tell us what your pool needs – so all you have to do is relax and enjoy!

Ondilo – your SMART Pool Partner!

Watch the Ondilo video to Learn more.

For further information or to enquire about Ondilo and BTU’s Pool Management Service call: 01483 727444.



Top 5 Hot Weather Pool Tips

This year’s heatwave is going nowhere! With temperatures soaring towards 30degrees, if you’ve got a pool, you’ll need to know what to do to keep it in tip top condition and ready for those cooling dips you and the family need!

BTU Pools are one of Surrey and the South East’s longest established pool build and maintenance companies and Service Manager Wayne Coleman has a few useful tips to help you keep your pool in pristine condition.

TIP 1 – Circulation:

Keep your water circulating! Depending on the type and size of your pool you may need to run your pump for 8-12 hours each day. This will help keep the water clear and looking fresh.

TIP 2 – Filtration

You need to keep your skimmer baskets, pump baskets and the filter clean and clear of debris. You also need to make sure that the filter is working properly and backwashed.

TIP 3 – Brushing

This may seem obvious, but you down’t want bacteria or algae forming on the walls or floor of your pool.  So, make sure you brush the pool regularly (once a week is good). Take extra care in the areas of your pool where there is low water circulation – such as steps, benches, corners etc..).

Tip 4 – Water Chemistry

Pool water should be tested at least once a week – or more when the weather is particularly hot or when many people are using it (remember, suncreams and moisturisers also affect the water chemistry). Testing and treating the water accordingly will help keep the water free from bacteria and algae. Leaving your pool to be checked fortnightly or monthly poses a risk to the quality of the water at this time of the year. It is worth noting that preventative algaecide is helpful during hot weather periods.

Our recommended levels:

  • Test at least weekly during this hot weather
    • chlorine – 2.0 to 4.0ppm
    • pH – 7.2 to 7.6
    • cyanuric acid – 30 to 50ppm
    • salt level in a salt pool –2700 to 3500 ppm
  • Test monthly or as needed
  • Total alkalinity – 80ppm-150ppm
  • Calcium hardness – 200 to 400 ppm

TIP 5 – Most Important Tip of All

Simply keeping your pH level at the optimum level of 7.2-7.4 – this will make sure the chlorine you are using is at its most effective.

If you are unsure or you are struggling with managing your pool in this hot weather, you can bring a bottle (500ml) of water into our PoolShop at Wyevale Garden Centre, Woking and we would be delighted to undertake a water analysis for you and recommend the correct treatment. Alternatively, we can help you keep your pool clean and ready for use this summer – give us a call on 01483 727444 for a weekly pool maintenance estimate.



The Pool Party starts here!

Get your very own pool party off to a fantastic start this summer!  Make sure you’ve got the coolest pool in town! All you need is a pool – check! Cool water – check! Sunshine – check! Some fantastic floats and games to keep everyone in the mood and all the friends and family that you can squeeze in!

You can pick everything you need from our fabulous new Pool Shop at Weyside Road Guildford – we are open 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday and from 8am till 2pm on Saturdays during the summer. There you will find an amazing array of accessories, equipment and chemicals to suit any pool size or type.    And if you don’t have a pool?  No need to worry.  Inflatable above-ground pools start at a pocket-friendly £54.20 and can be installed and filled in no more than 3-4 hours. Some of the inflatable toys we stock can even be packed and brought on hols with you – check out everything from Sprinkle Doughnuts, Chocolate Doughnuts, Popsicles, ‘Lil Gators, to inflatable volleyball or diving games and inflatable and framed above ground pools that can be assembled quickly and easily.

If you have a pool already – pop in and pick up some chemicals and pool maintenance products so you can be certain your pool is hygienic and clean (don’t forget to scoop out any debris, or buy a cover to ensure it keeps as fresh and clean as possible).

You can buy via the Facebook Store or website, or pop into the PoolShop at Weyside Road Guildford, for an even larger choice and great advice. Alternatively you can Ring and Reserve what you need and pick it up when it suits.  Tel: 01483 727444.


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Trade Secrets | To keep your pool pristine this summer


Whatever the size of your pool, you need to keep it running smoothly, cost effectively and looking clean and inviting, ready to relax or cool down in when the sun comes out. Whether you have a permanent indoor or outdoor pool or a temporary summer pool, here are some really helpful tips that we are delighted to pass on to you so you can have uninterrupted, family fun around your pool all summer long…

First choose the type of pool you have:

BTU Pools are based in Wyevale Garden Centre, Woking and open 9 till 5 Monday to Saturday in the Summer months. Find out about our repair and maintenance service here, or you can shop online at www.btupools.co.uk/shop or call us for advice or to Ring and Reserve on 01483 727444.

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Burn Calories in the Pool – no swimming required!

Now that Summer has at last arrived and it’s really too hot to go to the gym or pop out for a refreshing walk or run. Levi Thatcher, Manager of BTU Pools Pool Shop at Wyevale Garden Centre Woking passes on a few swimming pool tips that make sure all the work you put into getting fit and keeping trim over the winter doesn’t go to waste!

Just because the weather is too hot to get out running or push iron – doesn’t mean your exercise routine needs to stop.  We’ve got some great ideas that mean you can keep fit and cool at the same time!’

  1. For those lucky enough to have a pool at home you can try the Aquaness Bike. Aquacycling is great to keep fit, sculpt your legs, improve your figure and fight against cellulite!
  2. The Aquaness Treadmill is another great option. The natural buoyancy of the water allows you power walk or jog with minimal stress on your joints. It also gives a great cardio workout to stay in shape or burn fat.
  3. Water logs (or pool noodles) not only come in great colours – but you can use them in lots of ways to give a great cardio workout. Curl yours like a ‘J’, sit on the hook and pedal your legs, to propel yourself across the pool – simple, yet effective.
  4. You can ‘plank’ with your pool noodle too! Hold it in horizontally front of you, then push down until you are in a plank position with your body in a straight line and balancing on your toes – you’ll be surprised at how great an excercise this is!
  5. You can use pool weights to give your deltoids a good work out. If you don’t have pool weights you can use kettlebells – but make sure you don’t drop them in case they crack the tiles. Simply raise and lower them from your sides – you can find weights in most outdoor equipment stores.
  6. And finally, you can fit a Counter Current system to your pool and there will be no stopping you. You can swim for as long as you like, use it for light relaxation, for swim training or simply for fun!

We’ve got lots of great ideas on how to keep fit in the pool, to suit every budget. Pop in and simply ask! Pool Noodles start at about £4.00 – so there are no excuses! We are based in Wyevale Garden Centre, Woking and open 9 till 5 Monday to Saturday in the Summer months. You can shop online at www.btupools.co.uk or call us 01483 727444.

If you’ve got any questions and would like us to ring you back, simply leave your details here.

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BTU Pools and Aylings Garden Centre dive into Summer!

Woking based swimming pool experts, BTU Pools are delighted to announce that from this Bank Holiday Weekend, they will be supplying a fantastic range of swimming pool and hot-tub accessories, equipment and chemicals to Aylings Garden Centre in Petersfield, Hampshire.

Levi Thatcher, Sales Manager at BTU Pools said, “We are delighted to be supplying Aylings Garden Centre in Petersfield with swimming pool and hot-tub products and equipment this summer. We have hand-picked a collection of equipment, accessories and family-friendly toys from our extensive catalogue, so that anyone living in the Petersfield, Midhurst and the Hampshire/West Sussex border area, whether they already have a pool or not, will be able to get their summer off to a great start!

Martin Cooley, General Manager of Aylings agreed saying, “Aylings has been open for just over a year and we already have a fantastically loyal customer base.  We believe that including swimming pool products, equipment and accessories alongside our home leisure and garden ranges is the perfect addition enhancing what we already offer. And partnering with BTU Pools, who are the experts in all things pool related, is a really good opportunity for us and our customers.”

To kick off this new partnership BTU Pools and Aylings are delighted to offer customers some great offers on inflatable toys and chemicals – it will be worth dropping by to get your Bank Holiday off to a great start.

So whether you’ve already got a swimming pool or hot-tub and simply need some top up chemicals; want an instant back garden pool (either inflatable or framed); or inflatable toys, like BTU’s hugely popular Popsicle, Alligator and Unicorn ride-ons’, simply drop by Aylings and pick up what you need!

Find Aylings at – Trotton (near Rogate) just off the A3 and A272.

Contact and Directions


Aylings Garden Centre
Trotton – Rogate
GU31 5ES

Phone: 01730 810 430
Email: info@aylingsgardencentre.co.uk

Web: www.aylingsgardencentre.co.uk


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